SIDO is the only national organization focused on supporting governors’ international trade agendas by serving and representing the 50 state trade agencies to the federal government.  SIDO plays a leading role to support state international trade offices and working to improve the trade and investment process, and is a key platform for communication and coordination with federal trade agencies and Congress.

SIDO’s advocacy efforts are vital to the continued funding of the State Trade Expansion Program, or STEP, and other trade policies that are important to state international trade offices.

Top SIDO Priorities

  • Supporting the State Trade Expansion Program, or STEP. The STEP program is vital in our collective mission to help more small businesses start or expand their exports in the global marketplace. STEP has historically had a $20 to $1 return on investment.
  • Strengthening the Coordination Among Federal Trade Agencies. Federal trade agencies play an important role in assisting promoting exports and attracting foreign direct investment.  A strong state-federal partnership ensures that U.S. businesses receive the highest quality service.
  • Improving the Coordination and Communication on Trade Policy. SIDO is working to increase the coordination and communication between state governments and the federal government regarding trade policy.
  • Ensure U.S. Businesses Have Access to Financial Capital. Access to capital remains one of the top export barriers for small and medium sized enterprises.  SIDO supports export capital and financial programs, including at the Export-Import Bank and Small Business Administration.



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